Florian Banu
The Impact of Stalin's Death on the Functioning of Romanian-Soviet Joint Enterprises (1953–1956)
András Joó
What Stalin’s Death Did Not Really Change
A Tell-tale File of Hungary’s Pre-World War Two Intelligence Chief
Éva Lesz
The Fate of People Displaced to Hortobágy after Stalin’s Death. Based on Examples from Somogy County
Marius Tărîță
Changes in the Nomenklatura in the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic after Khrushchev’s speech (1956–1959)
Gabriella Murvai-Bőke
From mass songs to The miracle of God
Changes in the repertoire of the Hungarian People’s Army Male Choir in light of the 1950s political changes
Gabriella Vámos
Under Cracked Ceilings
Lukács Krajcsír
A Nation’s Revolution in New Perspectives